Friday, February 27, 2009

result 2nd sem!!!

truth be told is that......
i'm not a star and need to be improved!!!!!!
sem 3 is yet to come and i need to learn by hard!!!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

prison break fever!!!!!!!

all i can say bout this movie is that this movie is great!!!hahaha..
i spent my holidays by watchin ths movie!!hahaha~
but this movie hav lots of conspiracy,,, people trying to erase their crimes by blaming others!!!
and good people hav to face the music!!!! but the most important thing is the villian behind all these conspiracy is actually the us govt!!!! and the head is obviously the president herself!!!! they left nothing behind after they done all the crimes and create all the untrue avidence to frame others!!!
but 1 thin i dint like bout this movie is that..... the dark side always win!!!! and the villian is still free until season 2(act i haven't complete season 2 yet)!!hahahaha~
micheal schofield the hero.... is very brilliant!!! he has a genius brain!!!! no one ever thought he could manage to break the fox river penitentiory that he build and planned the building himself...
and he had the plan of the building all over his body covered by tatoo!!!
to all who haven't wacth this movie!!!! i recommend u to watch it!!!haha~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my misery finally came to a halt!!!!

after approximately 8 month since i entered to msu, finally today completed the 2nd sem.... the most terrifying and the most treacherous sem for my whole cos!!!!!!! and that its been so long since i updated this blog!!!!


all these things i hate the most!!!! can u ever emagine we were singging like hell, stay back at the campus until midnight juz for 1 credit hour subject!!!! and yet we had to struggle for final!!!! exhausted!!!!!!

sem two for me was very tough though bcoz they compiled all the killer subject in here....

anatomy!!! physics!!! chemistry!! math!!! and my most favourite subject,,, coQ!!!! hahahaha!!!!

what the hell is that man!!!!

bcoz my 1st sem was very bad,, i had to struggle for this sem.... and im tergeting for the best for this sem.. although it's seems to be imposibble for me to get 4 flat for this sem.... i do pray to allah so that my all my dreams come true.....
but the most memorable day in this sem was we went to sepang for homestay!!!! we got our new family and we enjoyed being thetre.... but the joyness there were distrupted by fear!!!!! bcoz the final exam was juz 10 days after the homestay!!!!
last but not least... my class won a lot of prizes from all category!!!!! haha~
we won 11 hampers and we opened it together at the middle of mais!!!! hahah~
till then~

Sunday, December 28, 2008

AAaaarrrgghh!!!!! tension!!!!!!

it's been a week of mid sem break but i still can't imagine the hurdles and problems that are yet to be faced!!!! frankly speakin i didn't satisfied with my anatomy subject..... apperently no one get above 71% in my class 4 anatomy!!!!! the fact that one of the lecturers who was not satisfied with my class is one of the examiners!!!!! he also told his mentee that he will be very strict in markings and and show no mercy, especially to my class!!!! he's so mean man!!!!!! cum on!!!! as a lecturer we have to be profesional!!! stop mixing ur personal matters with works!!!! bcoz that kind of action can only ruin ur life and especially our(the students) life!!!!!!

argh!!!!! anatomy!!!! physics!!!!! chemistry!!!! math!!!! coQ!!!!!!
target GPA: 3.75

will it come true??? or juz my imagination?????

Thursday, December 25, 2008


pergh!! best giler citer ni... sblm ni ak dgr2 je citer ni dr kwn2.... so memamndangkan aku tgh cuti seminggu ni ak pon try la tgk... mmg best giler dow... pdn la kwn2 ak ketagih tgk citer ni..hahaha....
ak br je stat tgk citer ni smlm.. dlm 2 hari je complete season 1 ak tgk!!! haha... pasni smbng lak la tgk season 2....

here i come heroes!!!!!! hahaha~

"save the cheerleader, save the world!!!"

Monday, December 22, 2008

keaiban ygt teramat!!!!

sehari sblm aku mid sem..... ak tension giler asyik dok blaja jer manjang... tp tyme tu ak tgk studi math.... ad satu bab ni mmg ak blur giler... bab limits!!!!! so tyme tu aku x tau nak buat pe... mmg dah blur giler ni.. so ak pon ambik keputusan utk tye kwn aku yg star2!!! tyme tu sume kwn2 ak cuti doe.. ak sorg je x cuti... mmg bangang btol la msu nih!!!!! pastu ak call la mas arif nak mintak tolong die ajar... sblm tu ak dgn die gi breakfast kat kedai mamak jap... tme tu sepatutnye farzan ikut skali.. tp malangnye mas ckp die gi tgk org sembelih lembu... ak redha je la kn.. tp farzan ni mmg star math la... bile ak mas... die x nak ajar ak... mcm2 la alasan die... pastu die suruh ak mantak faizal ajar.... faizal ni sekelas la dgn mas ni kat uitm... so mas rekemen la si faizal ni kat aku....

tgh syok2 sembang psl faizal,, terlintas lak dlm hati ak nak mintak farzan ajar math.. lg pon umah die dekat dgn ak mintsk la no farzan kat die....

lebey kurg cmni la dialog die.....

juf: mas, tlg ajar ak math mas!!!!
mas: ak x sure ar doe... dsah lame sgt ak tinggal ni..... ko cube mintak tlg faizal ajar doe.. die mmg gempak giler!!
juf: eyh!!! xpe la kalo cmtu... ko bg ak no farzan bleh???? ak nak blaja dgn die....
mas: ok@ nnt ak msg ko no die....

pastu die pon bg la no tu.... mas ni pon satu lembu!!!! ak mintk no farzan... die bg ak no faizal!!!! ak mati2 igt no tu no farzan... so ak pon call la....

kakak faizal: hello
juf: hello, farzan ad????
kakak faizal: nafeez!!!! ad call.. ntah org mane call ko.... x de no die dlm phone ko....
faizal: jap2...
1 min kemudian
faizal: helo!!
juf: helao farzan!!! ko tgh buat pe???
faizal: ak tgh madi doe... ni sape???
juf: ni ak juff... ko tgh mandie ke sori2!!!!
faizal: xpe2
juf: ooo... ko br blik dr sembelih lembu eyh????
faizal: huh????
juf: la!! td ko sembelih lembu kn??? sbb tu ko x join ak dgn mas breakfast td....
faizal: huh??? ape ko ckp nih???
juf: hmm xpe la farzan!!!! ak act nak mintk tlg ko ni..
faizal: tlg ape???
juf: nak mntak ko tlg ko ajar ak limits la... ko dah blaja kn....
faizal: dah2.... cmne ak nak ajar ko????
juf: ak dtg umah ko la.....
faizal: ok2!!! ko dtg pkl 2 la.. aku nak revise sket2 dl...
juf: ok cun!!! bye!

tyme ni ak x prasan lg org yg ak ckp tu act faizal... ak mati2 igt tu farzan!!! so ak pon tanpa segan silu dan konfiden gi la umah farzan pkl 2 tepat!!!! tyme ak spi umah farzan... die tgh khusyuk tido... lps die bgn die pon terkejut ak tetibe dtg umah die!!!!

farzan: wei!!!!
juf: wei farzan!! ko br bgn tido ke!!!
farzan: haah....asl ko tetibe dtg ni???
juf: pergh kuang ajo tol ko!!! ko yg ak suro dtg umah ko pkl 2... so ak dtg la.... siot ko en!!
farzan: huh?? bile ko call ak???
juf: la!!! td tu ape??ko yg suro aku dtg doe!!!! eyh panas ak!!!
farzan: seingat ak la... satu ari ni ak x pengang phone langsung.... lepas gi sembelih lembu ak tido!!! bile lak ko call???
juf: dah ar farzan!!! malas ak nak lyn ko.... ko tlg ak ajar limits....
farzan: ooo ak x blaja lg limits ni act... tp x pe la.. biar ak tgk buku ko dl...
juf: td ko ckp ko dah blaja!!! asl ko ckp cm keling ni!!!!

lps 1/2 jam berlalu....tetibe no yg selame ni ak igt farzan tu sms ak.... tye ak.."wei ko jd ke x dtg umah ak??" tyme tu ak mmg heran giler la!!! sbb farzan tyme tu depan ak tgk ajar limits... biler mase lak die bleh sms ak!!! tyme ni br ak sedar yg ni tu mmg bkn no farzan!!!!!
adoi!!!! mallu giler ak tyme tu!!!! x tau mane nak letak muke!!!
pastu ak call no tu kn.. nak tau sape dak tu... rupe2 nye faizal!!!!! mmg bangang tol sape yg bg no tu!!! haha~

pdn la tyme ak tye die die br blik dr sembelih lembu faizal cm blurr!!!!
faizal: huh??? bile mase ak gi sembelih lembu??
juf: la.. pg td la.. kalo x,, x kn ko mandi!!!!

statement ak tyme tu seolah olah cm kalo die x tgk lembu.... die x mandi la...

mmg ak malu giler la tyme tu... nasib baik faizal tu kwn ak gak... kalo x.. pergh!!! lg la malu...

so pengajaran nye kat sini... sebutan kite tu kene terang.....jgn jd cm ak!!! aku ckp farzan... org dgr faizal!!!!hahaha

finally i've my own blog!!!!!

monday, 22/12/08 i've finally created my own blog!!!!! yeah~ b4 this i only read and heard bout my frenz blog.... halim, chan, rafi are so obsessed in updating their blog... so i decided to create my own blog to know this damn thin better.....

kpd kwn2 aku!!!!! ak dah buat blog wei!!!
1st tyme nih.... so sesape yg dah lame ad blog tu bleh la tunjuk ajar eyh~

jya.. mata ato ne~